The recent work of Paula Anke left the world of visual abstraction behind in order to open up towards other techniques that make a different implication of the Spectator possible.

…As you open your wings you become the owner of the space you occupy.
During the short laps of time between the moment you put your foot on the ground and the moment you lift it up again, this small piece of ground entirely belongs to you…

P.A. out of the concept and manifesto for the urban scenography in Ganges 2006.


Fundamental ideas concerning the different categories of images shown

White paintings
This work is  some kind of rebellious poetry .

Assemblages and “objets trouvés”
Paula cannot hide the pure joy of composing with those found elements, which is a main source of her creativity. Those humble and seemingly lifeless objects tell stories to whom has ears to hear them. Their assemblage can show and explain complex atmospheres.

“Collecteurs de mémoires”
Commissionesd work or “transference objects”. We sometimes attach memories of events or important details to certain objects .Those “signs” treated as elements of a composition may be arranged and put away like a collection of designed quotations.

“We said years ago : everything is politics, even silence…”
They are speechless comments on personal experience and current évents.

The unlikely encounter of raddled soles and a historic beach of deportation into slavery, the magic of bringing together colorful found materials makes this ancestral and transcultural imagery come to life again.

They are spaces where the spectator has to go trough, or fit or melt in, thus becoming a part of the work.
The dull and “invisible” omniprésence of the modern wars, has left the need for dialogue with the public about a new définition of the rôle of art in society. Paula feels beeing a powerless observer, who must not become indifferent… independently from the approval of her personal  artistic expression.

… with Paul Duc
Paul and Paula are in a permanent dialogue, which results in various artistic projects, that  are only partly achieved.
Paul’s precise vision and the particular esthetic of his work give a singular quality to their joint (ad)venture.

Using photgraphy Paula tries out how the intuitive composition order spontaneoulsy shows up.
In the video work she tries to move away from the 2dimensional space by the use of time and transparency.